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What is Shrapgel?

Shrapgel is a special designed hydrogel for the water blaster, water gun. They are non-toxic, environmentally friendly. Shrapgel is much hardened gel balls compare to regular gel balls or orbeez, allowing it hold the shape when through the water blaster gun chamber when shooting.

Shrapgel forms much larger from its original size after soaking in water for 4 hours. It containes 90% of water inside the gel. Shrapgel breaks when hits on hard surface, and disappear under the sun after a few hours. It’s your perfect ammo for the new favourite Aussie backyard sport.

Shrapgel has variety sizes to fits different size blaster, from 7-8mm to 9-11mm, also come in different colour and size to choose from. Please always check your water blaster chamber size before purchase.

CHOKING HAZARD, Keep away from the mouth, Do not eat or swallow, not for small children, always store in a high area away from children, always use under Adult supervision.

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