Welcome to ShrapGel

Our goal is customer satisfaction. We offer the top quality hardened water gel balls to be used for water blaster, gel guns ammo / bullet.
We have a wide range of size, colour available to choose from to fit different guns.
shrapgel.com.au has been established as an online store based on NSW, from the passion of being outdoors, understanding the importance of having a quality gel balls for the water blaster, to provide consistence, accuracy and quality ammo / bullet for this trending activity.
Sprapgel.com.au is proudly Australian owned and operated with a focus on bringing the best product gel balls. Regular gel balls is not quality enough to be used in water blaster, the pressure onto the balls required the gel ball to be in perfect size, and much hardened than a regular balls, like orbeez. The size is required to be much consistence so can provide accuracy shot.

Our mission is to provide Quality, Consistent, Hardened Gel Balls with the most competitive price. Shrapgel is a registered trading name to be only used in shrapgel.com.au.